The Manager’s Path

Chapter 4 Managing people

“Entry level job” – Chapter 4 first quote, Marc Hedlund 🙂

Key points

  • 1on1s
  • onboarding
  • feedback on career growth, progression towards goals, areas for improvement, praise
  • working with team memeber to identify areas for learning and helping them grow into them (project work, mentoring, external learning)

Create a 30/60/90 day plan: basic goals (these I like as starter ones … will use for coops) learning code, architecture, how to write a pull request, shipping code (phased deployment, testing, etc)

New hires provide an opportunity to hear about their initial experience with the team. What was great? What could’ve been better?

Jeff is like Sharell and Beth. He communicates intent, motivation and gives room to let me figure out a path through the work. He’s there if / when he’s needed and can hop in when necessary. eg Release 4 needed a cross team effort in devtools to get to a rel4 dev cluster from the GUI.

Chapters 7, 8, 9

“Develop a sense of where you need to dive in deep”

“You know you have a problem when … someone falls back to playing individual contributor”

What are the things we should be doing other than being a technical contributor? <- this isn’t going to be our biggest contribution anymore it seems … listening, empathy, caring, understanding, bridging between different people / ideas, mentorship, architecture, goal setting with team members, road mapping, building culture, health, productivity. This is going to get uncomfortable fast. Introvert!