Making decisions isn’t always straightfoward. Sometimes you don’t know everything you wish you did, or even what kind of change you’d like to bring to life. Sometimes you only know you can’t stay where you are right now.

This is probably going to be a bit of a living doc for awhile. On how to make better ones … or on how to live with the ones I’ve made … or on how to recover from bad ones …

If I remember nothing else, this …

  • Great : Making a good decision,
  • Less great, but fine : Making a bad decision,
  • Horrible : Making no decision

It’s far worse to avoid deciding at all. Presumably you’re at an inflection point where something not terrific is happening and you can do something about it. How can you quickly assess risk? What contingency planning can you do? How do you detect failure as quickly as you can? Never bet the farm.