One of the best management books I’ve read. I’m not a manager, nor do I know if that’s where I want to end up, but these ideas have value on their own and thinking about them has helped me get better.

Right away the intro has a few things to say that seem really important:

Chaos, disorder vs order - it’s important to be able to tolerate disorder some times because of how quickly the world changes. This doesn’t mean we should try to understand and control change when it happens. Only that it will, and that it will often surprise and this is fine.

The output of a manager is the output of the organizational units under his or her supervision or influence

Find “high leverage tasks”, always try to bring out the best in people - this is how you increase output

Plan like a fire department: you can’t anticipate where the next fire will be, create a group that can respond well

I own my career. Everyday I have to enhance my own value. Myself. Nobody else owns this.

3 questions to ask myself:

  1. Am I adding value or just passing along information other people could have found themselves. I should constantly be looking for ways to increase output
  2. Do I know what’s happening around me in the company? Am I plugged into company network or floating around on my own?
  3. Am I trying out new techniques and tech always or am I waiting for other people to change my workplace up

Key ingredients for the high performing team : Principles of production + Managerial leverage + An athlete’s desire for peak performance