Cost to a lot alarms. Cost of interruptions (even small ones => 25 minute hit to your day).

Other attention splitters

  • email
  • social media
  • phone use
  • text messages

Noise is harmful to us

Nice reminder that noise coming from our alarming systems has a cost. Alert fatigue.

Quality decay

Use your calendar

  • schedule focus time and turn off
  • talk to people around you about this (get agreement)

Different kinds of event sources are …

  • false postive
  • false negative
  • fragile
  • frequent (chatty)
  • eg High load

Fave alert : “The database is using too little memory” LOL !!!

Alert grooming: With some regularity revisit each from the previous week and ask “was it needed?” “how did we resolve situation?” “can we automate?” “is it permanent?” …

Alert grooming