First 60,000 milliseconds (Netflix)

# load averages

# kernel messages can be helpful sometimes
dmesg | tail

# rolling process, memory stats
vmstat 1

# rolling cpu states on multicore systems
mpstat -P ALL 1

# rolling ps aux (only shows non-idle processes)
pidstat 1

# rolling disk performance metrics
iostat -xz 1

# available memory, used, swap
free -m

# network visibility
sar -n DEV 1
sar -n TCP,ETCP 1

# running processes in a system


# list installed packages
yum list installed

# list package updates
yum check-update

# list package updates (security only)
yum check-update --security

# apply updates
yum update

# apply security updates
yum update --security


# what version am I running?
cat /etc/system-release

# is selinux enabled?

# put selinux into permissive mode
setenforce 0



Like top but with a rolling output display mode so that I can see historical task resource utilization - from when I started observing - in addition to real-time, right now.

# samples processlist at 2s intervals
pidstat 2

# samples processlist 5 times at 2s intervals
pidstat 2 5


List process trees containing tomcat
pstree -s tomcat