Camera Roll

June 8 Finally saw a few ducklings. We pass by a creek on our morning walk every day and stop to look at the ducks. Today we saw little ones!
June 2 Call with Mum and Andrea and foxes πŸ™‚
May 21 Happy Anniversary Little One. I love you!
Disney’s Festival of Fantasy parade music
A music video that’s a blast from my past πŸ™‚
May 15
May 6 Extra commercial
April 28 Rakott Krumpli is a dish my grandmother made for us growing up. So good πŸ™‚
April 27 Donuts! So good. From Daddy-o-donuts
April 26 Fortnum tea and a dark chocolate tea cake. Does it get any better?
April 22 And we’re vaccinated. First dose of 2. Screw you covid!
April 18 We made pizza today. The crust turned out so well. Is there anything better than bread and cheese?
Apr 7 The Muffin Man? The one that lives on Drewry Lane?!
April 1 Carmen made these today. Bread, cheese, a sunny side up egg. Wow this was tasty
March 7 Afternoon tea with Diana, and Andrew πŸ™‚
Mar 3 Very weird!
Feb 21 Bug + Twerp
Feb 9 “I’m not a cat”
Feb 8 Started playing Creaks by Amanita Design. So delightful
Feb 7 Carmen made me breakfast this morning πŸ™‚
Jan 25
Jan 7 Time for a new computer. M1 …
Jan 5 Untraditional snowmen πŸ™‚
Dec 31 Happy new year!