Camera Roll

Nov 1, 2020 My new Zojirushi!
Oct 17, 2020 This looks familiar 🙂
Oct 12, 2020 Carmen made Thanksgiving dinner tonight which was fantastic! 🙂
Oct 12, 2020 Fall colours walk near the Old Mille
Oct 3, 2020 Etobicoke Creek Trail. Seeds and cute little homes left for ducks and other birds
Sept 19, 2020 Visit to the Schitts Creek motel. Our favourite show in 2020 by far and very likely in top 3 of all time
Aug 22, 2020 One very happy Mother to be wearing a mask for the first time (Hiding in doors since March!)
Aug 14, 2020 Peach pizza @ The Pie Plate, Virgil Niagara Falls. Such a great day. This pizza is the best
May 19, 2020 My birthday cake! Trifle is my favourite dessert by far. Carmen makes me them sometimes 🙂