Remembering what you read

  • Write down the main points. Try to describe them simply
  • Try to explain what you’ve learned in a way that almost anyone can understand (The article mentions a 12yr old)
  • Identify gaps and re-read
  • Simplify some more (optional)

The underlying idea is that sometimes we don’t take the time to reflect on what we’ve learned or try to understand what it might mean related to other things we know

This is the Feynman Technique



  • On Being Senior
  • Manager’s Path: For more than just aspiring managers, or managers of managers. It’s lays out the different steps a person will take in their careers in terms of levels of responsibility and the ways in which we can work together. This is a book I’ll be reading and re-reading throughout my career
  • Talking to Tech Leads
  • Stuck? Do something!: It’s ok to try when you don’t know, or you’re working on something new. Most choices are reversible, and anyways you’re learning