Reviewing Code

Code reviews are a most excellent opportunity to share experience about a program or the way a team thinks about work!

  • Does it work? 😆
  • Is it designed well?
    • Does it belong where it’s being added? (Would it simplify life or be more appropriately put somewhere else? eg A library or different app?)
    • Is it consistent with the rest of the program it’s being added to?
    • What are its collaborators? What does the messaging with them look like?
  • Spend more time looking at the interesting bits. Some examples of interesting:
    • Concurrency
    • New libraries / dependencies
    • Error handling
  • Is it written simply?
    • Over-engineering: trying to make code more generic than it needs to be right now
    • Is every line understandable / not overly complex? (Can’t easily be understood by readers)
  • Is it well tested? (Units, functionals, end-to-ends, or whatever else might be appropriate. Seeing tests brings me joy 🥰)
    • I should always be learning about how to write better tests so I can help show others.
  • Do we need to update docs? (internal or external)

A few of my favourite code review links I’ve collected over time